Keith with Stephen from Liberia

Hello my name is Keith R. Brinkman.  I am serving with the missionary organization, Mercy Ships. I have two younger brothers, Jay and Mark. I am thankful to have two loving parents, Bob & Linda. Early in my life, they thought it was important that I attend church. At the young age of 11, I accepted Jesus as my Savior. Jesus gave His life so that we might be reconciled to God – a gift to each person in this world. Later at 16 years of age, I realized more fully the decision I had made for Christ and had a clearer understanding of Jesus as my Lord. I grew up without going through many of the outward difficulties of teenagers in the U.S. – drugs, drinking, sex… though I am always reminded that I need God’s grace and forgiveness as much as everyone else. I know God has called me into missions to help spread His message to others. I have served in mission with YWAM & Mercy Ships since January 1, 1989. I plan to continue until God gives different direction. Being good does not get you into heaven, being forgiven by the shed blood of Jesus Christ and your acceptance of His great gift of salvation – brings you into the family of God. If you think you are good and do not need God’s grace, please remember that he is calling to you where you are at and desires a personal relationship with you.

Thank you.