KRB Update #2226 – Gifts & His International Trip

During this Christmas season, we have been sharing the story of Jesus’ birth in our hospital, HOPE Center, at the deaf school, orphanages and other mercy ministries sites – often using drama and Simply the Story.  We shared primarily from Matthew chapter two including how the wise men /scholars /magi saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. I’ve heard sermons and discussions on the significance of each of these gifts.  As you remember Joseph and Mary had to flee to Egypt right after Jesus was born because King Herod was out to murder the baby Jesus – so Jesus’ first international trip.  Joseph was warned and instructed by God in a dream to take his family to Egypt. Where is Egypt?  It is here on the African continent.  Strategically these magi showed up with these gifts.  Each gift was considered very valuable for the day and, interesting enough, was very valuable anywhere in that part of the world. In other words, it was ‘currency’ that could be used in their international travels and relocation to Egypt. They could easily sell or trade these items anywhere they traveled.  Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph lived in Africa until God’s angel appeared again in a dream to Joseph and instructed them to return to Israel as those out to murder the child were dead.  We shared the story of Jesus’ birth – Gifts provided and his international trip and living in Africa with the children of Cameroon, children of Africa.

We are reminded on how God provided for Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus.  Personally, I am most grateful for those who provide the financial gifts needed as I serve as a missionary with Mercy Ships, next week will be 29 years of service.

Please pray for Axel as soon he will be returning home after a lengthy season with us – he continually gives thanks to God for the healing he has received.  Pray for Edouard who is 14 years old, he underwent surgery for cleft lip repair and will go home next week – still not confident to smile and talk much yet.  Also for Rubain from the far north region of Cameroon (4 day/night journey) who is still in our hospital wards after surgery on his leg – wound care and therapy continues.  Carlos is from the North West region where they speak English so communications with him and his mama is easier for me.  He has a maxillofacial tumor and is coming next week for surgery.  These are a few of the ones I visit and spend time with building relationship.

Happy and Blessed New Year 2018 to you all.

Serving Together,   Keith