KRB Update #2220 – Nat Geo Surgery Ship

How many heard about Mercy Ships from Discovery Mighty Ships or CBS 60 Minutes in 2014 who also won best feature story for the ‘Africa Mercy’?  We have another great opportunity with National Geographic.  We’re excited to announce the rollout of the long-awaited eight-episode NatGeo TV series titled “The Surgery Ship” which began on 24 March with world premiere in Holland and Belgium and later in Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, and Australia (tomorrow) and starting on 06 May in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa.  They will have voice overs or subtitles, either one as with their other documentaries.  It may be on NatGeo Channel or NatGeo People.  For those in the United States, Canada and elsewhere in Europe, we don’t have the dates for the eight episodes, but I will try to keep you posted on my social media posts – Twitter and Facebook so you know.  As far as I know I do not appear in the TV series, but my friends and patients do and so worth watching.  It may be showing a bit later in the evening as there is some footage from surgery which may be difficult for small ones.  In the midst of serious situations and the lives of patients and crew, they have brought in humorous aspects that make you laugh.

Thanks to Madeleine Hetherton & Media Stockage for this two minute #SurgeryShip teaser – you can click on the link below:

Click on this link:

Do keep this rollout in prayer for His plan and purposes to be accomplished in viewer’s lives around the world, for the crew who are represented and for this to be of ultimate benefit to those we serve in Africa!

Prayer Requests:

  • Final month of surgeries, recovery and health to all of our patients
  • Our preparations in Douala by our Advance Team for our arrival in August
  • Preparations for the field service in Conakry, Guinea for August 2018 – June 2019 – as previously we postponed due to ebola but now we will return to fulfill our promise to the people there.
  • Health and strength for the entire crew.