KRB Update #2214 Mothers

Keith R. Brinkman with Mercy Ships                      07 May 2016

Mother’s Day is celebrated in different ways around the world on different days as sons and daughters celebrate and honor their mothers.  In this update and Mother’s Day weekend in the USA, I wish to share some short quotes <captured by our communications team> from mothers who have come to Mercy Ships for healing for their children this field service in Madagascar.

I was sad because all children [in our village] have normal feet but not my daughter,” recalls Emiliana. “I still had hope that her feet would be fixed.” After two months of casting, Cyriane had a small surgery to release the tendon that pulled her feet into an incorrect position. This was followed by more casting and a month of rehab after her surgery. Finally Cyriane’s joyous moment came. It was her turn to wear shoes! And the first person she wanted to see her new shoes was the caring volunteer physical therapist that had become her friend.  “Cyriane has taught me a lot,” says Michelle. “Her whole world has gotten so much bigger because of her mom’s bravery.”   Emiliana is filled with hope for Cyriane’s future – a future that now includes shoes on her daughter’s feet instead of her hands and the realization that Cyriane is finally able to walk on straight feet just like her big sister and all the other children in their village.

At almost seven months old, Haingo weighed only 4.8 pounds (2.2 kilograms). She was severely malnourished because of her cleft palate.  The medical team explained to Viviaby, her mother, she had managed against all odds to save her daughter’s life.  Five months after their arrival to Mercy Ships, Haingo was finally scheduled for surgery to repair her cleft lip and part of her palate.  Viviaby rushed to gather Haingo in her arms as the infant came out of recovery after her operations. “She’s beautiful!” was all the overwhelmed mother could manage to say.  Two weeks later, Viviaby and Haingo returned to their remote village. “They won’t believe it’s the same baby!” anticipated Viviaby. She gratefully clutched a handful of photos documenting Haingo’s healing journey to show her family.

Fifalina whispers “At school I’m always left behind. I can’t play with the other kids. I’ll play with the other kids when I’m healed.”  They learned of a patient screening nearby. “I believed they could fix my legs!” exclaims Fifalina.  When her leg casts were first removed, Fifalina declared, “I’m going to learn to walk again!”  Her mother Ludvine shares “Now she will be able to walk and just hold my hand!”

If you would like to read the fuller stories on these patients, they are available here on my web site in ‘KRB Archives’.

Prayer Points:  Remaining surgeries and patients health as we prepare to close our hospital late this month / that we would finish strong and well here in Madagascar / our preparations for the upcoming field service in Benin

Dedicated to my Mom on this special Mother’s Day – I love you Mom.

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