Mental Health / Whole Person Ministry Workshop

Last week, I was able to go to Newcastle, Kwa Zulu Natal for a couple days for the mental health/whole person ministry workshop for 24 church leaders from the TAM Christian Council. Dr. Lyn and Clementine had 70 hours of training with these church leaders over two weeks. It was a privilege to visit them. Part of my role here in South Africa was to make initial contacts with the Christian Councils and see what might be possible related to this type of training plus to assist with administration and logistics.

One thought on “Mental Health / Whole Person Ministry Workshop

  1. Hi Keith,
    It’s Sophie Massey here.
    Just browsing around Facebook and saw that you visited Kwa-Zulu Natal! We lived for nearly five years about 2 hours east of Newcastle (Vryheid). We worked with the Zulu people and our co-worker still lives there with his wife. Small world. INkosi Ikubusise, mfowethu.

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