World Cup RSA vs Mexico

We joined the approx. 2 billion people in the world and I am sure almost every South African to watch the Opening Ceremony and the first game of the FIFA World Cup – first to be held on the African continent. We jumped up when #8 made the first goal for South Africa. Even now an hour after the game we still hear our neighbours blowing the vuvulezas (long horns) outside. South Africa 1 & Mexico 1

Bafana Bafana Shirts

The South Africa national football team or Bafana Bafana (a term of endearment which means ‘the Boys’) is the national team of South Africa. You see people everywhere around South Africa wearing the football/soccer jerseys. The World Cup 2010 opens this Friday in Jo’burg. Our advance team now has the right shirts – thanks to Cathy who bought them at the shopping centre on Saturday.