Benin Advance Team

On Thursday evening at our Community Meeting, we prayed over and commissioned our Advance Team for Benin ’09 Field Service. Four women (Brenda, Anouchka, Yvonne, Melissa) were asked to join the Benin Field Representative (Daslin) to prepare for the ship’s next outreach. As part of my role as Programs Administrator, I assist to prepare the logistics and provide support for the team. I will drive them to the airport on Monday morning as they fly to Cotonou, Benin via Lagos, Nigeria.

Group Photo 08 w Mercy Ships

Photo of the children, teens and staff of the Liberia Children Rescue Education Foundation Orphanage at the start of their visit to the ship. In addition, some of the crew who have been involved in their lives are also in the picture – I’m seated in the middle on the dock. I printed this photo out for them to keep also.

Ship Visit

On Saturday afternoon the 15th of November, the children, teens and staff and 3 staff children came to the ship for a visit. One of the highlights was playing on the dock with the ride on toys, wagons, etc as you can see in the photo. Thankfully we had no close calls with the children and the edge of the pier – as that was one of my fears and thus ensured we had enough of us there to be watching.

Visit Nov 22 Distribute Photos

While the children, teens and staff of Liberia Children Rescue Education Foundation Orphanage visited to the ship last Saturday, I took individual portraits of them. Then I printed and had them laminated and as the picture shows, Kennedy, the orphanage director is giving the photos out to the children and teens. When I saw their faces while getting their photos, it was worth all the work.

Programs Reporting Times

One of my great enjoyments every week is hosting a weekly meeting on Friday mornings at 07:45am. I arrange and coordinate for speakers from our Hospital and HealthCare Developments areas. This provides a time to have our project team leaders and others to share what is happening in programs both on the ship and off the ship. For some of my speakers, it is the first time they have done a speech in English for a large group. I usually start with a welcome and advertise the opportunities for that weekend that the general crew may sign up and join us and also about the sign up sheets for local churches on Sundays.

Harvest Thanksgiving Celebration Nov 08

A table of plenty with fruits and vegetables were up front in our International Lounge for our Harvest Thanksgiving Celebration. A crew member from each of the 35 nations represented on board came forward and spoke out prayers of thanksgiving in their mother tongue. After the service, we were able to select a piece of fruit/vegetable to take home.