Family Night w Victorious Faith Ministries

On Sunday evening for our community meeting, it was Family Night. Ines was able to invite 12 of the children from Victorious Faith Ministries Refuge Home and they shared a few songs and dance with us. In the photo they are doing the dance aspect. They did real well and we are real proud of them. On one of the songs, we the audience were able to participate with the actions also – fun!!

Visit of new children

Visit 02 September
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Isaiah is one of the new children at the orphanage in New Georgia. Both his mother and father died from illness earlier this year. He is having a difficult time adjusting to life in the orphanage. We brought him and the other two new children to the ship for a visit. As seen in the photo, he was playing with some toys we have on the dock for our kids to play with.


Princess Portrait
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Princess is new to the orphanage I visit in New Georgia. Her father was killed in an accident and something happened to her mother and so she is now in the orphanage. We brought her and the other two new children to the ship for dinner (which there was not much food that she liked) and a visit (including playing on Deck 7 as seen in the photo).