Programs Team Dinner

Our Programs Team Leaders from the Africa Mercy went out for our appreciation meal to a newly opened restaurant in Monrovia. From 12 o’clock it is Winston Myers, Church Empowerment Manager, myself, Brenda van Straten, Advance Team Leader, Jean Campbell, Healthcare Manager and then to the other side is Jeff King, Community Development Manager and then Udo Kronester, Programs Manager.

Blood Bank on the ship

For some of our patients due to the nature of their surgery, they need blood. Our blood bank is ‘walking’ as it is the crew – we volunteer – are tested and prepared to donate. Last Friday afternoon, I received an urgent call from the lab asking if I would donate a unit. A woman with a large tumor protruding from her neck was in the operating room, but she was needing blood and we have the same type A +. In the photo is my friend Mike O. as he donates.

Malcolm Kelly with Yvonne & I

Malcolm Kelly was with us recently on board the ship. He shared that a highlight of the trip came as Malcolm and his father Moses Kelly were received by Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who personally thanked Malcolm for providing a positive role model for young people in Liberia. “More than anything, our youth need someone to look up to who has excelled, not only in athletics, but in life. Understanding the importance of discipline, work-ethic and education, as well as nutrition and physical well-being is critical in our efforts to rebuild Liberia,” noted President Sirleaf. “Malcolm’s willingness to come here to Liberia, a nation founded by freed American slaves, builds on the natural kinship between Americans and Liberians. Having a young African-American athlete who has achieved so much in life at such a young age reach out to our young people in this way is priceless. We need more of that. Our young people need that kind of encouragement at this critical time in our nation’s history,” Sirleaf stated. Kelly was obviously moved by his experience in Liberia. “Everywhere we went, people ran up to me to shake my hand and hug me, saying ‘Thank you! Thank you!’ I was a hero, but not because I’m a football player; it was because I was wearing a Mercy Ships Crew shirt. I don’t think I’ve ever been more humbled and honored than to be considered a part of the Mercy Ships team,” he said. Kelly stayed onboard the Africa Mercy during the trip, observing surgeries, and visiting with dozens of patients on the recovery wards. The group also visited a clinic under construction by a Mercy Ships Field Service Team some 20 miles inland in the rural community of Tenegar.

Meeting Malcolm Kelly

Malcolm Kelly with the Washington Redskins – an American football team was recently on board the ship with us in Liberia – in the photo some of the children on board got to meet him. Malcolm has chosen Mercy Ships as his charity of choice. It was reported that Malcolm Kelly looks forward to his upcoming NFL training camp with an additional sense of purpose knowing that he’s part of a much larger team as well.
The former standout receiver at the University of Oklahoma and 2nd Round draft pick of the Washington Redskins made the “Vision Trip” to Monrovia, Liberia as a way to shed light on the medical relief effort Mercy Ships has provided for the people of the war-torn nation.

4th of July in Liberia ’08 USA Crew

4th of July – Independence Day in the USA – though we are in West Africa, the crew from the United States – about one hundred adult and children – gathered on the dock for our dinner and then dessert along with patroitic music, flag and balloons and then this photo of us all in the front of the Africa Mercy.