Eye Presentation Leo’s and Lion’s

Last week, I help to organize a visit of the local Lion’s and Leo’s club for the ship for a presentation by Dr. Glenn Strauss. Dr. Glenn shared primarily on eyes and what they could do as a club to help raise awareness related to eye care – some believe that if you go for eye surgery, the doctor takes out the eye ball, places it on your chest and cleans it and puts it back inside.

Owin looking at himself in the mirror

While at the orphanage this morning, Joseph was taking pictures with my camera for Brenda who is down in South Africa. Brenda has a long relationship with this orphanage. In this picture, Owin is on the step railing of the ship’s Land Rover looking at himself in the side mirror. Other times when he or the others wanted to see themselves, I would hold them up to take a look and say ‘See that great looking young Liberian boy’…

Joseph & JoJo

Joseph & JoJo
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Joseph & JoJo live at the Liberian Children Rescue Education Foundation orphanage – I have known them for over a year now. I gave Joseph my camera to take some pictures this morning and he must have given the camera to someone else and took this one. Joseph will be graduating from 6th grade on July 6th and JoJo will graduate top of his KII class on the same day and will give a speech. Many here in Liberia are behind in their studies due to the war and many factors.

Children & Teens on the ship

This past Friday morning, our Academy had their final celebration for the year – various presentations including the assigning of character traits observed during the school year. On Wednesday, they had the Academy Sports Day at the nearby UN base as you see from the picture. Last night, our only 12th grader, Enoch Yeboah had a special ceremony to note his graduation from high school – complete with cap and gown. He has spent most of his life growing up on the ship.

French Patients on Deck 7 Outside

During the recovery period, if the patient’s nurse OKs it, we can take our patients outside up to Deck 7 and more recently they are permitting us to take them to the dock. A chance to relax, feel the gentle breeze, look out towards downtown Monrovia. This photo has three of my French speaking friends – from Guinea, Cote d’Ivorie and Senegal. Some of them are afraid of heights and do not sit near the railing, but most of the others really enjoy it. A time to visit and share outside the hospital.