Alex from Victorious Faith Refuge Home

Here is my buddy, Alex, from the Victorious Faith Refuge Home from our visit this past Saturday. From the moment we arrived, each of us had children around us and those I know from beforehand, remembered me and grap my hands and helped me carry things in. Alex is a special little guy, but so is Peter, Blessing, Robert and the many others who call this place their home.

Fish story at Victorious Faith Refuge Home

Our Bible lesson on Saturday at the Victorious Faith Refuge Home was about Jesus and the disciples and the catching of such a large quantity of fish they had to call their friends to come and help. Deyon, our co-founder, shared about the Mercy Ships fish story and how God provided the fish jumping out of the sea and seen as a miracle. I had heard the story many times, but not from Deyon and so it was good to hear and hopefully the children and teen will remember an example of what God can do.

Visit to Victorious Faith Refuge Home

On this past Saturday, I went to the Victorious Faith Refuge Home here in Monrovia. We had the privilege to bring Deyon Stephens, our co-founder, a pastor from Tyler, Texas and a few others who were visiting the ship with us for the morning visit. We normally have a time of singing, Bible story/lesson, craft and fun activities.

Screening in Guinea

On day two of our screening for surgical patients in N’Zao, Guinea, this woman came to see if we would be able to assist her. Jon Erickson has been assisting getting patients from Guinea to the Mercy Ship for over 10 years. Dr. Mark Shrime is our reconstructive surgeon on our screening team. We had a great team and 21 patients were scheduled for surgery.

Today’s Visit – Creative Time

Following playing outside with the football (soccer) ball, skipping rope, marbles and other games – the children of the orphanage in New Georgia came inside as I brought the marker, color pencils and paper for them to be creative and make some drawings – some take a lot of time and others are quick – but they all enjoy it.