Tour of central Las Palmas with Ken,Ann,Jean&Jean

On Sunday, I had the day off and was invited to go on adventure with my friends Ken, Ann, Jean and Jean. We headed to the mountains and the former volcano in the middle of this island of Gran Canaria. We drove up to 6,500 feet, though when we got there, we could not see anything but the cloud. We stopped along the way in small quaint small towns and just enjoyed the day together.

Drydock 07 Under the AFM @ Bow

During our tour of the ship on Sunday morning, I took this photo at the bow (front of the ship). Since she was a ferry in Denmark before the ship actually had two rudders – one in the front and one in the back – we don’t need the one in the front and so we welded it closed. So far things are going good with the inspection and certificates that we need to continue to sail.

Holding the weight of the Africa Mercy with help

Drydock 07 Under the AFM
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Sunday morning we had the opportunity to have a tour under of the Africa Mercy as we are in drydock. Here you can see the middle bottom of the ship resting on these platforms with wood on railroad tracks. That is how they move us around the shipyard. It was very interesting to see the bottom and the different parts that are normally always under the water line.

View of Las Palmas de Korean Church

This lovely view is of Las Palmas from the hillside where the Korean Church has their building. They hosted 55 of us crew on Sunday for service which was translated from Korean into English, Spanish and Chinese. Then they enjoyed bulgogi, my favorite Korean food and then went for a short bus ride to the Botanical Gardens and the Calle de Colon – Street of Christopher Columbus.

Entering into Drydock Las Palmas

Drydock Entering In
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I am standing on Deck 8 – highest deck on the Africa Mercy as we watch the ship being raised and on placed on platforms with railroad like wheels as they pull us into our ‘parking spot’. You can see 3 of the bulldozers pulling us. I have been in many drydocks, but this is the first time usually a system like this.

Great View!!!

Sail to Las Palmas (24)
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On the Africa Mercy bridge, there is this section on both side that has a glass bottom, so the capitan and officers can see when docking the ship. In the photo, I am standing on the glass looking down at the ocean as it goes by. When the orphans came to visit the ship, we got permission to take them to the bridge and I would ask for a brave one to volunteer to stand on it first, usually I got one, but even afterwards, some of them would not stand in this spot.

Alieu Swaray School Tenegar

The area of Tenegar is a possible location for agriculture, water & sanitation and community health education. Jeff and I visited this school, Alieu Swaray School, spoke with the principal and teachers to learn more about the area. All of our photos and information in our reports goes to our Programs Director and the leaders at our headquarters to be considered for a community for our ’08 field service in Liberia.