Sharing about Adopt-A-Patient

For our Open Hospital night, I was asked to share in one of the wards about the Adopt-A-Patient program. In the photo I am explaining how you can select a patient from the IV Tube Poles – one for men, one for women and one for children. I encouraged the crew to take on the challenge, sharing from my personal experiences.

Hospital Open House – ‘my surgery’

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Do you ever wish to be a surgeon? Well we had the opportunity to dress like a surgeon, nurse and/or patient. In this photo, I am the patient and I have 3, yes that is right 3 surgeons – Joyce Samuels, Caleb and Comfort – all taking good care of me. This is the operating room/theatre that will be used primarily for orthopaedics.

Hospital Open House ‘my suture lessons’

Last night the Health Care Services Department had an Open ‘House’ in the hospital on board the Africa Mercy. All of the crew were able to see the various rooms and spaces, from the 6 operating theatres to the lab, pharmacy, the 5 wards, CT Scan room, XRay room. In one of the ORs we were able to receive lessons in suturing and so my teacher and OR Supervisor Kylie B from New Zealand gave me lessons in 3 types of sutures. I can’t say I did very well.

International Lounge on the Africa Mercy

Int’l Lounge AFM
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Our International Lounge is used for our weekly community meetings, our times of devotions, prayer and communications and project reporting times and other large meetings. This is also where we host the Heads of States and others who come to visit the ship and to learn more of the ministry. Both the Anastasis and Caribbean Mercy had International Lounges, but not this large.