Lifeboat Drills

Lifeboat Drills
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Gripes, Catapult Wire, Winch Gear, Man rope, twicing pendant, frapping lines, davit and painters – all words I know need to know about and their function in the launching of our lifeboats. I have been assigned to lifeboat #1 as the Standby Breakman and at the same time I need to learn some of the other roles of Breakman and Communicator – we have training on Mondays. Always something new and an adventure here. This is needed as we will be sailing the m/v Anastasis to Liberia in February.

Int’l Thanksgiving Service

m/v Anastasis International Thanksgiving Celebration 26 November
“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good! His faithful love endures forever.” Ps. 136:1
1. Opening Procession by African Female Crew.
2. Opening Hymn – We Gather Together
3. Opening Address – Judith Straub
4. Hymn – For the Beauty of the Earth
5. Scripture Reading – Psalm 146
6. Special Thanksgiving Song from Academy Children
7. Prayers of Thanksgiving: Productivity, Protection, Provision
8. Scripture Reading – Luke 17:11-19
9. Hymn – Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
10. Scripture Reading – I Thessalonians 1:1-10
11. Hymn – Praise To the Lord, The Almighty
12. Message
13. Closing Hymn – To God Be The Glory
14. Benediction/Closing Prayer

Yvonne’s Birthday Party

Yvonne Bday Chinese staff
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My friend Yvonne who I served with on the Caribbean Mercy is also here on the Anastasis and we went out on Wednesday night to celebrate her birthday. We were at a Chinese restaurant and when it came time for fruit/ice cream, the staff came in singing in English and also a verse in Chinese. It was a special night for her and we got to share it together.

Eye Patient #1000

Eye Patient #1000
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Dr. Neil Murray is performing eye surgery on this patient – Adulai Shitu – he was our 1,000 patient for our time here in Ghana.
I was able to watch Dr. Neil do surgery on a woman named Mercy and she is 100 years old. He explained the procedure to me as I was viewing in the additional microscope. She was blinded by shingles in one eye and cataract in the other and so she was provided with sight once again with the cataract being removed.

m/v Anastasis Crew Bank

ANA Bank Cedis
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Yes some people really get excited when they go to the ship’s crew bank – which is open on Monday mornings and Thursday evenings before our Community Meeting. Here is Ghana they use ‘cedis’ and it takes 9,160 of them to equal US $1 – so this is country where you can be a millionaire – only takes US $109.17 to obtain ONE MILLION CEDIS. The excited man is Dr. Keith who serves as our dentist.