Jonas’ head tumor removal surgery

As most of you know about our amazing medical surgeries that we are able to offer to the people. These are truly life changing surgeries. I have seen eye surgeries on the Caribbean Mercy and a hip replacement surgery in San Pedro Sula performed by our ortho team. Though, this was the first chance to see a head tumor removal. Jonas had a large tumor of his right parotid gland that had grown externally and internally. The surgeon, Dr. Thermon, and staff explained some of the procedures so I understood what was happening. I was able to stand right behind the surgeon and looked over his shoulder (I’m the one in the back of the photo). The nerve that controls movement on that side of the face was intertwined with the tumor; it was more complicated than originally planned. Before cutting anything, they had to ensure that it was not the nerve. The surgery was over 3 ½ hours, but it was completely successful.

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