Pantang Hospital Balloon for the Patients

Our heart is for the poor of the poor and the forgotten poor. We have found them at the government psychiatric hospital about an hour and half from the ship. I joined one of our groups as every other Saturday we go there. We have been able to help to make a connection with a pastors training program and this hospital and so together we go into the hospital. The administrator determines which ward we go to and so they are ready for us. I found it hard to connect with them as sometimes they are just not there and other times you have a connection. One of the pastors sings and shared a short message and then the patients are welcome to go to one of the stations – ladies to have their nails done and lotion on their hands, football outside, games inside, prayer station, and for this time Mario made balloon animals for all who wanted one. After serving juice and cookies, I was talking with one of the staff members who shared his thanks that we come and he notices the difference in the patients. Helping to bring light, the gospel and love to those there.

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